Top 5 Best Ideas For Your First Trip Abroad

Travelling is always an exciting prospect. The farther from home you travel, the more intense the locations, people and experiences are. Even the most avid of travellers started on a first journey sometime. So then where should you travel on your first journey?

Somewhere known or somewhere completely unknown? Somewhere cheap or expensive? Perhaps somewhere with rental24h so that you may experience the new country in its entirety! Here are our top 5 suggestions for your first trip abroad!

1. Bhutan:

How about kick starting your glorious travelling hobby with a stint in the world’s happiest country? Nestled in the Himalayas between huge neighbours India and China, Bhutan may very well be the mythical Shangri-La of old. If the scenic evergreen Himalayas, absolute cleanliness (Bhutan is the first country to completely ban smoking and plastics) and a charming Buddhist culture do it for you, then your destination has to be Bhutan. A visit to the Tiger Monastery is a must!

2. Sri Lanka:

For those seeking ideal tropical locations with beaches and sunshine, Sri Lanka is the way to go. Located off the southern coast of India, Sri Lanka is an ancient land gifted by rich soil and hospitable people. Unlike other developed touristic countries like Thailand and Indonesia, Sri Lanka is the best-kept secret of the Indian Ocean. Clean ambience, affordable rates and a tolerant people make this one of the better destinations to go to on your first trip abroad.

3. Bolivia:

Talk about the road less travelled! Bolivia is about as remote a destination as it gets. Nestled in the Andean highlands, Bolivia is country with the most number of indigenous Americans in the whole of North and South America. Though Christianity is widespread, the ancient cult of the Sun God is alive and well. See the world through ancient eyes that transport you back to the times of the great Inca empires. It is a country for the calm explorer who wishes to see the rugged beauty of nature and the rugged beauty of humans. Numerous Inca ruins as well as beautiful ancient festivals and a brilliant changing landscape make this an ideal first time vacation destination.

4. Greece:

Thank the economic crisis going on there for ensuring Greece makes this list. To an avowed tourist destination, Greece is usually a little on the pricey side of things. Due to their economic crisis, rates have fallen considerably and that should be taken advantage of by a first time traveller. Enjoy the cradle of Western Civilization, breath-taking scenery, gluttony-inducing food and an exotic culture to fully immerse yourself into the world of travelling! There is history behind each structure and across each road. There is something to occupy and invigorate your mind for the entirety of your time spent in this beautiful nation.

5. Egypt:

The land of the Pharos awaits you! If you yearn for some good old fashioned hospitality and magnificent ruins, Egypt is the place to be. Though conservatively run, Egypt places a great deal of attention to its Tourism industry and knows to treat visitors with style and elegance. Take a lazy barge down the Nile, visit the City of the Dead, observe the brilliant blue Mediterranean off the coast of Alexandria or do them all. Egypt has a variety to satisfy each kind of traveller and then some!
So what are you waiting for? Visit any one of these countries, take a vehicle from a rental24h and start enjoying your first trip abroad!