The Four Essential Phone Apps You Absolutely Need for Your Next Trip

When you are planning your next trip, you must think beyond passport, credit card, rental transport or 24h car rental. They are an absolute must but you simply cannot navigate efficiently in a distant location without your smartphone packed with some of the essential phone apps to make your journey hassle free and comfortable.

They will assist you with your travel plan, language, and car rental and almost with any other travel challenge you can think of.

Here is an absolute list of 5 essential phone apps we have identified for a smart traveler like you.


Do you envy people at airports smoothly hopping into executive lounges? You no longer need to. Like anyone else you also deserve a cozy and warm environment of the executive lounge at an airport that comes with complimentary food and drinks, comfortable chairs, showers, personal space and more. With LoungeBuddy, a comfortable trip is up for grabs without having to pay a fortune. All you need to do is select the airport, the day and time you are there. Once you pick your lounge you are done. Just for a one-time payment without subscription charges, you are up for your comfortable trip.


Language is a major concern of English travelers visiting a non-English speaking country. There are issues like comprehension of body language, signs and symbols in a new culture, apart from language. The Duolingo app easily breaks the language barrier you may encounter in a new place. It teaches the language in an interesting and engaging format. Anyone with elementary literacy can use this app and get completely hooked to it, once they begin using it. While the company keeps adding new languages to its list, some of the existing languages you will find there include Spanish, German, Russian, French, Japanese and several more.

Culture Trip App

This app enables you to learn about a new culture in a fun and engaging manner. It will inform you about attractions and locations, local information and local aspects of the new culture. All you need is to open your account and create your profile. The intelligent search embedded in the app will address all your cultural queries.


This map ensures a smooth navigation for you in a new city. You may be new to a city but you are completely grounded there with this app. You can move around the city with clear and complete information on the best modes to take including the options available like train, bus, or rental cars or sharing cars.

While rental car is an option such 24h car rental, the budget travelers can save costs to go cheap with the use of some of these apps. In addition, the use of these apps can make your trip comfortable and memorable