Top 5 Best Ideas For Your First Trip Abroad

Travelling is always an exciting prospect. The farther from home you travel, the more intense the locations, people and experiences are. Even the most avid of travellers started on a first journey sometime. So then where should you travel on your first journey?

Somewhere known or somewhere completely unknown? Somewhere cheap or expensive? Perhaps somewhere with rental24h so that you may experience the new country in its entirety! Here are our top 5 suggestions for your first trip abroad!

1. Bhutan:

How about kick starting your glorious travelling hobby with a stint in the world’s happiest country? Nestled in the Himalayas between huge neighbours India and China, Bhutan may very well be the mythical Shangri-La of old. If the scenic evergreen Himalayas, absolute cleanliness (Bhutan is the first country to completely ban smoking and plastics) and a charming Buddhist culture do it for you, then your destination has to be