Notes About My Trip to Granada

Granada was one of the last Moorish bastions – it withstood Christian re-conquest for two centuries longer than any other location. When we drove into town we were not impressed with the basic urban sprawl that presented itself to us. The traffic was thick, the buildings were dismally erected 70’s-style edifices, and the shops seemed terribly commercial. We were lost in snarled city grid for about 45 minutes until we finally stumbled upon the Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens. A light rain was falling, but that didn’t seem to deter the large crowd lined up for entry.


First Impression


We slogged through the line and finally entered the fortress-palace that means “The Red One” in Arabic. The Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens were supposed to be the most extravagant and artistically profound Moorish fortress-palace ever, a true paradise on Earth. When it was conquered, Ferdinand and Isabella held court at the Alhambra and eventually chose to be buried in Granada.

We had about an hour to kill before we could enter the Casas Reales so we wandered through the Generalife Gardens, which were considered a luxurious hideaway for members of the Nasrid Dynasty. We passed through the Jardines Bajos (lower gardens) and then the Patio del Generalife (interesting configuration of topiaries, fruit trees and a geometric pool).

Once inside we meandered through the Patio de Acequia (enclosed Asian garden surrounding a long rectangular pool), the Sala Regia (offers views of the Albaicín across the Río Darro), the Patio de los Cipreses (lover’s lane), the Escalera del Agua (water runs down the stairwell, which is probably refreshing in the summertime), and the Jardines Altos. The entire site is very tranquil and apparently the dynasty members were fond of it because they could be a little closer to heaven. It still seems to have a religious draw because a gaggle of nuns were touring the gardens and chatting up a storm with a plain-clothed companion.

Historical Wanderers

Eventually we wandered down to the Palace of Charles V, which was large and fairly unimpressive next to all the other good stuff. Then we tromped up the stairs of the Alcazaba, which is the oldest building on the property. Visitors used to enter the Alhambra from the gates below the Alcazaba, but not any longer. The view from up top is terrific, gave us a good sense of the layout of town, and offered up some good people-watching – a poodle in full tartan regalia, an obese woman in a Mickey Mouse poncho, and the nuns who had been tittering in the gardens earlier. They even approached Suzie (not sure what they said).

In the Alhambra proper, we toured the Patio del Mexuar (council chamber), the Patio de Machuca (more gardens and by this time we were starving so who really cares), the Salón de Embajadores (throne room with an awe-inspiring ceiling that represents the seven heavens of the Muslim cosmos), the Patio de Arrayanes (cool courtyard that probably reflects better when the sun is out), the Patio de los Leones (fountain with a circle of lions facing outward that reminded me of the gold cows that are in Mormon temples), the Sala de los Albencerrajes (intricate room with a geometrical ceiling pattern inspired by the Pythagorean theorem – and weird to think that a family was massacred here while eating dinner; one of my favorites), the Sala de los Dos Hermanas, the Sala de los Reyes (banquet hall with coffered ceilings; Ferdinand and Isabelle purportedly sealed the deal with Christopher Columbus here),

Washington Irving’s Apartments (access to his apartment was unavailable), the Jardín de Lindaraja (we’d seen so many gardens by now, who knew what was good anymore), and the Palacio del Partal (one of the older buildings in the Alhambra that was closed off for renovation, but the shallow pool looked cool with the arched portico).

Budget Traveler’s Guide to Australia: Some Ideas for You

If you don’t like wasting money for travelling, you can travel on budget. Don’t be scared. Travelling on budget can be enjoyable and pleasant. If you want to know more about it, you should read the article. Australia is golden continent with the amazing cities. Of course, you always dreamed to see the endless Big Barrier Reef, dive into the ocean, watch the Uluru sunset, and see as much attractions as possible. How can you do that?

Travelling in Australia on Budget

Australia covers large territroy. Planning your budget trip, try to start from how much time you are ready to spend for travelling and list all place to see. If your time is limited with a week, it is good to stop your choice on one or two big cities. It is splashing your money out to get from Melbourne to Sydney to come back to somewhere the longest way. You will be exhausted as much as you credit card balance. Try to travel wisely. Having more time you have a chance to see more and learn more.

Counting money


Drive All-Around Australia

Of course, the fuel price in Australia is different in different states and regions. Travelling over the North territories you will pay about $2 per liter. Planning a long trip, it is better to share the costs you have to pay for fuel with your friends. Remember that you are offered to use special bonuses. Thus, you can petrol your car with the cheapest fuel on Tuesday and Wednesday. Definitely, you will overpay, petroling your car on weekend or big holidays. There is a secret that the most of tourists use. Try to shop in the local supermarket. This is your chance to get fuel sale coupons that can save you about 5 – 9 cents per liter. This can be helpful, especially when you drive often or need much fuel for long distances.


Remove everything that is unnecessary from your car to save the fuel.

Travelling over the central or old parts of the city, try to put your car on parking. As a rule, it is prohibited to drive a car in the old districts.

Make a plan of your routes carefully – don’t go for long drives without navigation.

Use air conditioner periodically in the hot season.

Get your car serviced for not to have unexpected stops and expenses.

Drive carefully and take the right outfits.




Rent a Car Services in Australia

There is nothing to think long about. If you have a necessity to hire a car you should use your smartphone app or enter the website to choose a vehicle for a good price. You may try Keddy car hire Australia location to take as much as possible from your deal. That’s why you’d better to plan your flight in such a way to take the car and give it back as it was appointed in the contract. The best recommended variant to drop the car is taking it in the airport. Searching for the rental car office can take much time. If you want to save a part of your budget on booking a suit or room, you may simply live in your campervan.

Special mobile services allow you to list all you expectations from a car: size, route, destination, and sometimes petrol details, special needs. So, this can be the only one way to find the car for attractive price. Campervans become more and more popular for travellers. They are met all over the country, especially in the popular touristic reasons. Planning the vacation for your family or big company, you need larger car. Try to look through the list of available cars beforehand. And try to check everything you have in the car first.

Home away from home


Drive Your Own Vehicle

How about travelling over the city on your own? Of course, it can be the car for rent. But it happens when life circumstances make you to buy a car. It is not a problem to sell or rent it at the end. Traditionally, the camper trailers, or so-called campervans are very popular to take for rent and buy. The trailers are good for long-term family travelers in Australia. Having home of wheels is an economical option for big companies.

Get Around by Bus in Australia

Bus was always a good and cheap alternative to car, if you are ready to spend much time for transportation here and there. Public transport gives you a chance to discover new and interesting facts about travelling. Thus, such big cities as Australian capital and others boast the wide road network. The routs over the city are free and you can ride a bus, tram or other public transport that go just from the city center. It is very convenient especially if you are travel addicted.

The most popular bus service you meet is Greyhound. You should remember this name. The buses from this service are accurate, easy to meet everywhere. There is another bus operator – Oz Experience. It covers the big variety of city routes. Premier is also recommended for travelling in Australia. This kind of buses is the best for travelling between the cities. The destination between the cities can be seriously big. If you find it boring by bus…you can still use a car.

Bus 373


Get Around Australia by Train

How about travelling by train? Travelling in the big cities was never problematic. All you need is buying a Family Funday Sunday ticket. This is the most attractive way for your family to take the best from your time in Sydney for cheap. The popular public vehicles to use in the Australian territory are traditionally trains, buses, ferries and light rail. Taxis are not popular for everyday use. Travelling by train is not a problem between the cities also. The season and family rail passes cover a big part of your expenses for train travelling. Rail tickets price starts from $300.